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Football is for the Fans. It can be the greatest game in the world but if there are no people to watch it, it becomes nothing. Fans are the lifeblood of the game.
Jock Stein

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Global Partners


SEE is Global Strategic Partner at Microsoft Global Sports Innovation Centre.

SEE is a business that delivers significant quantifiable and qualifiable returns across the sports and entertainment sectors by combining the power of digital content and distribution with highly complimentary cards and payment products. This serves to enable rights holders to optimise the value of their supporter base and target audience. We specialise in Data Monetisation and our team have experience and understanding of Cards and Payments, Digital Content creation and distribution, Sponsorship deals and more, along with an in house production team and a technical expertise.

A sports stadium, racing circuit or general purpose venue that is cashless plays an integral role in the DM programme. For example, a mandated season ticket payment card has been proven to have a significant , dramatic and immediate effect on revenue growth.
A compelling loyalty and rewards programme underpinned by segmentation analytics, and intelligent marketing will have a demonstrable effect on the positive monetisation of a clients database.
Sponsors benefit significantly from an integrated monetisation strategy as they are able to ensure qualifiable and quantifiable returns on their investment, thus increasing their value of their sponsorship commitment.
SEE’s mobile content platforms empowers our clients to digitally engage with their database. Through streaming tailored content that is relevant and compelling to the supporter database, this acts as a catalyst in a greater customer loyalty and increased spend.
A payment card solution that enables penetration across a database. The product range to include:
- Credit/ Debit/ Prepaid
- Virtual
- Mobile wallet
- Mobile payment app


Peter has a career that has spanned the card & payments industry and the sports sector for over 25 years and has worked for companies including American Express, MBNA International as Head of Sport and Everton FC. Peter established a successful data monetisation consultancy business that specialised in the development of cashless sport stadia and sponsorship for rights holders within sport. He has developed data monetisation and sports sponsorship strategies extensively in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Nigel has had experience in media and telecoms (34 years), and has founded, developed or managed several independent mobile content businesses in both the private and public markets. Nigel has a wealth of experience in consumer engagement and monetization through premium content sales and advertising across multiple territories. For the last four and a half years Nigel has been focused on the sports industry and on building databases for high profile sports brands across all digital platforms in Africa, North America, Asia and The Middle East.

Case Studies

Nelson Mandela

To celebrate the 90th birthday of Nelson Mandela, his charitable organisations have come together to launch an international premium SMS service, allowing millions to text their own birthday message to the former South African president. Launching on June 16th in the majority of territories the Birthday Wishes Campaign coincides with Mr Mandela’s 90th birthday concert in London’s Hyde Park on June 27th. The concert will be broadcast internationally on television, radio and online and will see numerous stars echoing the call to action to ‘Text Nelson Mandela Happy Birthday’. The campaign runs through until the 18th of July, Mr Mandela’s actual 90th birthday, culminating in a card being presented to him in South Africa noting the number of messages received. Running on a system built and managed by UK based Nigel Tatlock the campaign has been enabled by SMS aggregators and Digital Services Group in South Africa. 46664 concert sponsor Zain has also assisted in switching on the campaign across its African territories.

USA Rewards and Loyalty Scheme

There are over over 10 Million teenagers playing Elite Soccer across the US, by teaming up with USA Champions League and MasterCard and various banks in America we can bring a rewards and loyalty scheme to the players and families to start using a payment card, specifically a prepaid payment card. This card can reward and suggest offers tailored to the type of user and the type of profile and partnership they have. These rewards are a range from Movie Premieres and experiences and access to Digital Content to be streamed.

Business Model

Rights Holder (Club / National body etc) – Identification and engagement through digital, viral and social media activity where the delivery of tailored and compelling content guarantees high levels of response.

Data Monetisation – We build highly detailed and structured payment products in partnership with payment networks (MasterCard / Visa etc), card issuers and digital payment providers. We enable delivery international markets through our digital distribution model and with payment products tailored to the target audience.

News & PR


Vacancy – Graphic Designer

Starting salary of £14k rising to £18k + benefits package
Based at our UK HQ in Derby

Sports & Entertainment Engagement is looking to recruit an ambitious graphic designer to work with our national and international sales development team in the sports, entertainment, arts, media and music sectors. The successful candidate must have a natural creative flair in all aspects of graphic design, the role will incorporate the management of the companies own digital assets.

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Vacancy – Research Executive

Starting salary of £12k rising to £14k + benefits package and bonus structure
Based at our UK HQ in Derby

Sports & Entertainment Engagement is looking to recruit an ambitious researcher to work with our international sales development team in identifying and qualifying the many partnership opportunities that SEE is exploring in the sports, entertainment, arts, media and music sectors.

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SEE partners with ImPACT Applications and IFFDC to Improve Concussion Management for Thousands of Athletes.

Concussion in sport has been a prominent issue that needs to be addressed in terms of recognising, recovering and returning players fit for play after experiencing a concussion.

SEE’s Director, Nigel Tatlock spoke to ImPACT Applications about addressing concussion management for young and Professional athletes, appearing on ImPACT’s recent press release. Click below to find out more.

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New Strategic Partnership Announcement with Microsoft Global Sports Innovation Center

We are delighted to announce that Sports & Entertainment Engagement are now the strategic Data Monetisation partner of Microsoft and their Global Innovation Sports Center. SEE will be advising Microsoft and its clients on digital content & engagement, cards & payments solutions and cashless venues, across the sports vertical.

The reality of today is the emergence of big data provides a competitive advantage for those business engaging with it properly. At SEE, we embrace the potential of client-consumer data and eagerly look to capitalise on the benefits it can deliver to drive business forward – faster, further and more competitively.

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